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Monday, 4 July 2011

Manchester International Festival

The Manchester International Festival started on Friday (1st July).  There is a definite buzz about Manchester.  This is the third festival and it feels more confident and established.  This year we've had glorious weather and many people have been basking in the rays at the festival square (Albert Square).  This area is much improved, making it a desirable place to visit.  The seating areas cover all weather eventualities!  The pavilion has djs and talks, you can also take a guided tour of Manchester too.  Some events are free.  Check out the website.

I'm looking forward to Doctor Dee this Friday.  I went to see Monkey: Journey to the West during the first MIF. I was blown away by the creativity of the piece and the talent of all involved.  It was magical.

Running at the same time is 'Not part of ...' festival.   That aims to 'see what happens when a festival stops treating artists as a revenue stream and gives them total freedom of self-expression.'  I went to their 'Sit com Trials' on Saturday.  Five ten minute sit coms read by actors and the audience voted on their favourite.  We got to listen to the end of the winning sit com.  I was impressed with the actors animating the scripts.  All the pieces were funny and well written.  It was good fun.

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