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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

San . . .

Prayers and wishes - handwritten on wood blocks at a Shinto shrine
Peko chan merchandise
 Peko chan is a cheeky little girl who advertises sweets (amongst other things) in Japan.  Here we have 'Milky' (sweet soft milky chewy sweets) and 'Fruits Candy' (hardboiled sweets), also a bag and doll in J-league football kit (World Cup 2002).

'Have a nice Tea'

 Bamboo mats, bamboo chopsticks and rests, bamboo tea scoops and bamboo cake forks (the pronged shapes).  Lovely, versatile bamboo.

Summer time

 Ornate fan made from fragrant wood.  Hand towels - carried by everyone all the time.  Ideal for wiping off sweat in the hot humid summers.

Case for fan - perfect design and fit

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