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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fun times

Family Inn Saiko

 Here we are in Japan!  What a mad three days we`ve had in Tokyo.  Total sensory overload.  We arrived at 9.30am Tokyo time after flying all day and into the future - our journey was no way finished and we caught a train into the city which took 2 and a half hours, then two subway trains and a taxi to our accommodation.  We were exhausted but it was only 3.30pm!  Fortunately, the Saiko family made us feel very welcome and showed us to our Japanese style room (tatami mats, futons and space age toilet).  A much needed shower then back out to negotiate the unfamiliar streets of Kanemecho.  What a fascinating place, row upon row of tiny family run shops selling anything from soba noodles to tatami mats.  All products made on the premises.  After our meal of soba and seaweed we crawled back to our second home and crashed out at 7pm!

I can`t recommend Family Inn Saiko enough.  If you are looking for a truly Japanese experience it is a must.  It is the equivalent to a good British `B and B` where the hosts really make you feel at home.  You can even experience Japanese bathtime.  The house is immaculate, both contemporary and traditional.  A great experience. 

Outside Bandai shop

Sensoji Temple

Fuji TV Building

 The Fuji TV Building is in the newest entertainment area in Tokyo.  It is an area named Odaiba and was built at great expense on reclaimed land from the sea.  Arriving by monorail you really feel like you are travelling to the future.

Japanese Craft Museum
 This was fantastic - a celebration of craft from all corners of Japan.  The above picture is their window display that shows summer in Japan  with wind chimes, fans and bamboo products.  Well made regional crafts are respected and sought after in Japan.  It is such a shame that many British people have lost this connection to handcrafted products and wares.  I bought a sake set from a pottery that lost everything during the earthquake/tsunami this March.  I wonder if they will ever be able to start their business again.

Cat Cafe

Of course I had to try one of the many cat cafes in Tokyo.  For an hour or more you can enjoy the company of some very pampered cats.  It was such a surreal experience.  I can see why people go there as it was serene and calm compared to the noise and madness that is Tokyo.  I don`t think `Our Mabel` would find employment here.  She is very picky as to who she lets stroke her.


Higashi Honganji Temple Kyoto
 Our first temple visit in Kyoto.  Really beautiful and calm.  The temple shown has been restored to a fantastic standard.  The modern looking part on the left is a protective covering as they restore that side.  It is the largest wooden structure in the world.  Whole tree trunks were used as supporting columns.

Tropical weather

Ryokan in Kyoto


  1. Wow!! It looks so amazing I would love to visit. That cat cafe would be a must! Hope you continue to have a great time in Japan x

  2. Exciting times Bev!
    All sounds amazing....
    Say hello to Matt frome me.
    Look forward to hearing more about your adventures...
    Stay safe! Enjoy! *

  3. Thank you for your messages! Still having a top time. Best Wishes, Beverley