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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Here we go ..............

The countdown is on . . . the big one . . . we are off to Japan!!!! at the end of July.  My posts leading up to departure date will show some of the memories and memorabilia I gathered last time I was there.

O-kunchi festival, Karatsu

O-kunchi is a fantastic festival in Karatsu, Kyushu.  It is an autumn festival that takes place over 3 days, usually in November.  The photos above are from the third night of the festival when teams dressed in the traditional uniforms of Edo Period (1603-1868) firefighters pull huge floats through the town.  It's a wondrous sight with lots of colour, activity and music.  A truly Japanese experience.  There was a great atmosphere in the town.  I was lucky enough to stay with some local people who invite all their friends to stay for the festival.  They put on a hugh banquet and lay countless futons out for people to sleep on.

Penguin cups - awaiting firing
Here are my new penguin cups waiting to be fired.  I'm going to take them to Japan and leave them as hidden gifts along our tourist trail.

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