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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Erie's Rest - Part 2

'The 'Unlocking Salford Quays' project reveals the hidden history of The Quays - from industrial hub to one of the country’s most prestigious waterside developments, home to Mediacity, The Lowry and the Imperial War Museum . Little evidence remains of the once thriving Docks, or the people who lived, worked or played here during that era. Now visitors can follow the sculpture trail to discover a multitude of memories and stories.'    Unlocking Salford Quays

Salford Quays - the site (right side)

The site (left side)

The site (showing both sides)

The images above show the former Dock 9 on the Manchester Ship Canal. This is the site of Ingrid Hu's artwork entitled 'Erie's Rest'.  Many parts of the redeveloped Salford Quays are named after areas of Canada where the Manchester Liners would sail to and from, with imported and exported goods.

The artwork spans both sides of the canal basin. The shape of the sculpture echoes the ebb and flow of the Canal. The artist was inspired by stories of an ancestor who claimed to have walked on both the Canal floor during its construction, and the Canal surface when it froze to ice.

Ingrid asked me to design and make the ceramics to be inserted into the artwork. I used water as a theme.  Water links the Manchester Ship Canal to the rest of the world,  without it trade with different countries would not have been so vast.  I chose a raindrop shape that would reflect memories and images of the past within it's bulbous form.

Sketch of raindrop idea on bench

Raindrop prototypes

Raindrop prototypes - glazed
Relief tile prototype
I designed and made some raindrops with relief detail.  It was decided that due to safety and maintenance issues ceramic transfers should be used instead.  The transfers show drawings of dockers at work. Their job was to unload a ship’s cargo and load it onto rail wagons lined up along the Docks. The task was heavy and demanding and took place outdoors in all weathers.

Unlocking Salford Quays Exhibition

Design Board - Erie's Rest



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