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Friday, 10 June 2011

Birch Room

I have made some much needed panels to go above a door in my house.  Originally, the door had an old fashioned glass panel above it.  I took umbridge to the lack of design and four years later came up with my own design.  The theme of the room is birch, therefore, I designed and made porcelain tiles with birch decoration to be fitted into the panel.  I am happy with the finished piece.  It is very much in keeping with the birch theme and has the added advantage of letting less light into the room at night.

Empty panel

Porcelain tile with handrawn detail

Porcelain tile with ceramic transfer

Porcelain tile with blue slip

Porcelain tile with handpainted detail

Wooden frame

Door Panel - hall

Door panel - reverse

Detail - hall

Detail - reverse

Whilst working on the tiles, I designed a tile with handrawn birch detail.  I used ceramic crayon and drops of my aqua glaze.  I thought this piece worked really well.  It has a delicate quality to it and could be a lovely gift.  I now sell these pieces as personalised porcelain pictures through my shop on 'Not on the High Street'.

Personalised Porcelain Pictures

Next Bird Room - hope it doesn't take another 4 years!

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