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Monday, 6 June 2011

Art Market Update!

A huge thank you to all for coming down to Holmfirth to support me and the Art Market.  It was great to see some of my customers and hear how my work is appreciated in their homes.  My new MOD inspired pieces drew much interest and complemented my red, white and blue floral theme. Even a long lost friend from high school visited with her family!

If you didn't get chance to visit last Sunday, don't worry it is open again this Sunday (12th June) with different interesting and talented designers and artists.


  1. Really enjoyed the whole event. Loved your work too and yes especially the MOD range, big love of all things union jack related. Hope you enjoyed the day?!? Loves Ionwen X

  2. Cheers Ionwen and thanks for joining my blog. Yes, I did enjoy the day. Victoria, Brendan and Deb make it such an interesting and unique event. It's my favourite show. Take care, Beverley