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Friday, 10 December 2010

Freezing temperatures

Last week, I was shocked to discover the clay pieces I had been working on had frozen! This is what frozen porcelain looks like. Urgh - not pretty at all.

Some creatures that love this weather are penguins. Check out this live webcam from Edinburgh Zoo. I like to watch this for a bit in a morning. They are so cute and funny.

Here are my own penguins investigating strange shapes in the snow. It's a 'lesser seen in cold weather Mabel' footprint!


  1. Frozen porcelain. Now that is new to me!

  2. Yes, totally unexpected. I think I'll try and fire it and see what happens. No doubt it will explode! I like your work by the way.

  3. hey thanks! I hope you don't mind I've nabbed that pic for my files for future reference; clay: anything can happen (esp in the cold of manchester)

  4. Hi Bethan,

    No probs. I rang Valentines to find out if I needed to be worried about the frost. Apparently, it will be fine as the frost will thaw and return to the water content of before. Just make sure the clay is wedged fully. Work that has already been made will have to be made again as the cracks can't be rectified.