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Monday, 19 April 2010

M3 magazine

I am featured in my local free magazine. Check it out on:

http://www.salfordm3.com/ then click on download Spring 10 Issue 2. I'm on page 19.

Here is an extract:

'Peeping in to Beverley Gee’s studio at Islington Mill is rather like sneaking a glimpse into a secret world, one that we seldom get chance to see. It is so still and quiet that you could walk past her door without noticing Beverley sitting there, patiently bringing a lump of clay to life between her hands on the spinning potter’s wheel. Her skill is fascinating and, looking around the
studio, it is obvious that here is someone who knows her craft and absolutely enjoys her work. The shelves are full of her pottery, a blur of shape and texture with lots of lovely pastels. Somehow the colours make you think of winter snows and spring sunshine.

Beverley, who has lived in Trinity for about four years, says that she enjoys working at ‘The Mill’ because “There are like minded creative people there who have helped and inspired me to follow a creative way of life.” '

Written by Joyce Withers.

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