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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Barcelona - isn't it just lovely!

I've just spent a few days in Barcelona. It is so lovely. It must be one of my favourite cities - great architecture and design, Gaudi, Miro, tapas, and a beach! I enjoyed walking around and spotting fantastic facades with their ornate plasterwork, stained glass windows and verandahs. It must be a real joy coming home if you live in one of these beautiful townhouses. I managed to take a peek inside one of these wonderful buildings. It was a furniture shop named 'Cubina'. In the window it had room sets segmented by old style boardroom type doors and walls. I really liked the way they had incorporated the contemporary pieces with the sophisticated original style of the place.

The above images are from the inside of the Sagrada Familia. Gaudi was inspired by nature and the cathedral illustrates this beautifully. You can see the huge stone trees that support the golden canopy have elliptical scars that mimic how a tree protects itself after a branch has been cut off. The circular staircase is enveloped in a honeycomb shell as it winds it's way skyward.

The above images are of a piece by Claudi Casanovas in the Ceramics Museum at Palau Reial de Pedralbas.

Paul Soldner.

Antoni Tapies.

Parc Guell.

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