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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bramley and Girtwistle Go On A Trip

Bramley and Girtwistle - Box 1.  Copyright Beverley Gee 2012.
Photograph  Simon R Leach.

Bramley and Girtwistle - Box 4.  Copyright Beverley Gee 2012.
 Photograph  Simon R Leach. 

Bramley and Girtwistle - 5.  Copyright Beverley Gee 2012.
Photograph  Simon R Leach. 

Last week, I took Bramley and Girtwistle for a professional photo shoot.  I chose the excellent Simon R Leach to shoot the work. He has shot older work of mine and I have always been impressed with the quality.  He is very good at lighting the pieces.  My work can be quite hard to shoot with contrasting textures, reflecting surfaces and extreme light/dark areas.  I think he has done a fine job at showing the detail and capturing the mood.  Check out more of the images at 'Bramley and Girtwistle'.  You can also compare them to my amateurish offerings. I hope you  like them too!

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