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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

British Ceramics Biennial

Contemporary ceramics in the old Spode factory
 Some interesting work on show at this year's ceramic biennial. The old Spode factory was a great backdrop to show the contemporary work in.  It's free to visit and is on until 13th November 2011. If you go wrap up warm,  the world of a potter is cold.   Here is some of the work I liked.

Jenny Backstrom
 Great forms and glazing.

Suet Yi Yip - detail

Suet Yi Yip
 I liked the way this work was presented and the little birdhouses.

Old remnants and spare ceramic parts from Spode.  Apparently these were put together as an installation by Neil Brownsword however I don't think this would be too hard as lots of curious objects were left in ceramic dust to be reclaimed.  If you visit, take a look through some of the windows that spotlight a now defunct ceramic world - a real installation!

Elodie Alexandre - detail
 Using ceramics in a 3D graphic way.

Julian Stair

Julian Stair
 I've always admired Julian Stair's skill.

A Great Wall
A great wall showing that ceramic's are STILL produced in Stoke and Britain.  The majority of products were bricks or tableware.  Hopefully, events like this will get bigger and better and help to build the industry back up.


  1. Wow! Some really cool ceramics! Would be so amazing to exhibit there! Love what you said about it being a cold world for a potter-so right, I have never felt such cold as tearing at frosty clay in a icy morning! x

  2. Hi Cat's Ceramics,
    ...or putting your hand in a freezing pot of glaze! We must be mad. It's all worth it in the end though. Take care